QPE on the iPAQ running the Intimate/Debian Distribution

This is Version 1.15, dated July 8, 2001.

The Qt Palmtop, a Palm-like environment based on Qt, offers some advantages over the default X distribution that comes with the Intimate /  Debian distribution for linux-capable handhelds such as the Compaq iPAQ 3600 series. These include readability, availability of a bunch of PIM tools, and a framework for compiling one's own programs in the widely-used (read: KDE) Qt environment.

The question is, will it run under intimate. The answer: Sure 'nuff (that's Texan for yes)!

Here's how (do this stuff over the serial port running PPP from your host computer):

  1. Stop X and remove X initiation
          #cd /etc/rc2.d/
          #./S99x stop    (stops the X server)
          #rm S99x        (or copy it someplace: it's just a link)
          B.  Copy ipkg from familiar to intimate
          #mount /boot
          #cp -p /boot/usr/bin/ipkg /usr/bin
          #cp -p /boot/ipkg.conf    /etc
          #umount /boot
          #mkdir /usr/lib/ipkg
          #cd /usr/lib/ipkg
          #touch available pending status
          #mkdir info
  2. Get the version of libc6 needed by QPE. If you overwrite your existing libc6 library (which is what I did), just run ldconfig and all should be well (at least so far).
          #cd /usr/lib
          #cp -p /usr/lib/libstdc++-3-libc6.2-2-3.*.0.so
                 < someplace safe >  (this appears to be optional)
          #ipkg update
          #ipkg get libc6 (from the familiar site.  Note that this
              will overwrite the libc6 library you just copied, 
              which is why you copied it.  ipkg will ask if you
              want to install a bunch of familiar packages on 
              which ipkg depends.  I answered No.)
          You will find that many system commands, like ls, won't
          work now because they can't find the libc6 library.
          Do either:
          #ldconfig       (in case you didn't copy the libc6 lib)
          copy the libc6 library back into /usr/lib.
          You might want to run   ls   to make sure it works!
  3. Edit /etc/ipkg.conf (per http://qpe.sourceforge.net/ipaq.html):
          #vi /etc/ipkg.conf
            Comment out the exiting IPKG_SOURCE line, then add
            to the file
          #ipkg update      (to get the list of qpe packages)
  4. Now download the desktop
          #ipkg install qpe-qipkg
            (This should do the trick.  In my case, the load
             aborted because I didn't have the right libc6 lib,
             and reinstalling qpe-qipkg didn't add any more
             packages.  So, I did
               #ipkg install qpe-base
             and that brought over everything else for the
             initial installation.)
          #ls -l /opt/QtPalmtop/bin/qpe
            (If this file doesn't exist, the install wasn't
             successful and the new desktop won't start - see
             /etc/init.d/qpe for details.)
  5. Fix up remaining problems. There are two scripts that were in /etc/init.d that prevent normal boot-up to level 2, and neither appears needed. I don't know for sure that they were added somewhere during the above steps, but booting was uneventful before so I'm assuming they were.
          #cd /etc/init.d
          #rm S14ppp
          #rm S10pcmcia
  6. Now reboot, and watch in amazement as the iPAQ screen now becomes useful!
  7. Load the packages you want (e.g., spreadsheet, date/calendar planner, to-do list, etc).
          #ipkg list
          #ipkg install (your choice of what's on the list)
  8. Tips and Suggestions

  9. Strengths and Limitations of QPE

Please send questions and comments to widman-qpe@cardiothink.com. I have only one iPAQ and I haven't erased everything and repeated the process, so I can't promise that I didn't omit something or get something wrong in the list above. Please let me know of any inaccuracies as well as how the document could be more clear.

Copyright (C) 2001 Lawrence E. Widman. Unabridged reproduction in any form is authorized as long as the copyright notice is retained. Corrections and updates are welcome, but inaccurate changes are not :), so let me know if you want me to change this, or feel free to write your own!